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We strive to create a continuum of education from Junior Infants to 6th year on active European citizenship. We have already developed an educational programme at primary level, My Big Friendly Guide to the European Union.

Discuss, Argue, Build the EU (DABtheEU) is an innovative, teacher and student-friendly teaching and learning programme on Ireland and the EU for 13 to 18 year olds.  It was developed by third level academics and secondary school teachers. It aims at fostering awareness, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking about the EU, Ireland’s place within it and how to engage as active European citizens. We work as part of the Hub in Active European Citizenship which organises many events, competitions for schools and students as well as training courses for teachers. Don’t hesitate to connect with us!

Programme Categories

Protected: Junior Cycle

Click here to access all the teaching and learning resources to engage your students on the topic of Ireland and the European union as well as active European citizenship

Protected: Transition Year

A tailor-made 8 week programme to get your students to explore their sense of European identity, culture and political agency while developing critical thinking on Ireland

Protected: Senior Cycle

The ready-made teaching and learning Politics and Society tools to support you in delivering the most up-to-date information on Ireland and the European Union, with an emphasis on critical thinking and active European citizenship.

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